10 lines on Parrot in English

Ten important points on Parrot

  1. Parrot is a bird.
  2. A parrot is commonly green in colour and has a curved beak.
  3. It is very famous across the world because of its ability to imitate humans.
  4. It eats nuts, grains, seeds and especially loves chilly.
  5. I love parrots. However, I do not like it to be caged. I believe that like us, parrots also have the right to remain free.
  6. The lifespan of a parrot is generally about 10 -15 years.
  7. Parrots found in different colours across the world.
  8. Parrots that have high learning activity can count, identify numbers and objects.
  9. Its feathers are used for ceremonies in many communities. 
  10. Parrots usually fly in herds.

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