10 lines on National Flag in English

Important points on National Flag

  1. The Indian National Flag is of tricolour. It was adopted on 22 July 1947.
  2. It is a symbol of freedom and national pride.
  3. Our national flag has three horizontal bands or stripes of equal length and breadth. It is rectangular in shape. 
  4. There are three different colours are Saffron, White and Green. All colours are in equal proportion.
  5. The three colours stand for peace, purity, and power.
  6. Saffron colour, which stands for valour, courage and the spirit of sacrifice.
  7. The white colour represents peace, purity, truth, and honesty.
  8. The dark green colour at the bottom stands for growth, agriculture, and prosperity.
  9. It has 24 spoked wheels Ashoka Chakra in middle in blue colour and it stands for dharma.
  10. The Flag Code of India is the law which governs the usage of National Flag of India.

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