10 Lines on My Teacher

  1. A teacher is a person who teaches us books and helps us gain knowledge.
  2. In all the religions, a teacher is always given a respectable position. 
  3. In Hinduism, a teacher is called Guru and he is considered to be God-like.
  4. In Islam, it is believed that no one can pay the price of knowledge imparted by a teacher. 
  5. There are many teachers in our school who teach us different subjects.
  6. Shafi Sir is my favourite teacher. He teaches English. 
  7. His way of teaching is amazing. He tells us the stories and poems in an interesting way. We listen to him with great interest.
  8. In addition to that, he also teaches us grammar and writing skills. 
  9. Instead of cramming, we are taught to make our own sentences.
  10. I love my teacher and always pray for his long life.