10 Lines on School

  1. School is the place where students are educated.
  2. A school has a principal, teachers, students, clerks, and peons.
  3. A school having up to 5 classes is called a primary school. The one having up to 8 classes is called middle school, the one having up to 10 classes is called a high school while one having up to 12 classes is called higher secondary school.
  4. There are a lot of rooms in a school. Each class has a separate room.
  5. If a class has too much
  6. A school has a playground for the students to play different types of games.
  7. School is the place where we not only learn books but also discipline.
  8. A student who is disciplined is liked by everybody.
  9. The school saves young children from bad habits like lying, abusing, smoking, drinking, etc.
  10. The school helps the child to make his future better.