10 lines on My House in English for Students and Children

Ten important points on my House

  1. I have a 2 storey house. 
  2. There is a big lawn in front of my house.
  3. We park our cars there and also grow vegetables, fruits, and flowers there.
  4. My house is on the bank of a river. The cool breeze always keeps the house cool and pleasant. 
  5. We often sit on the roof of our house to watch the vista around. The snow on the mountains is also quite visible from my house.
  6. My friends and family often visit our house and appreciate its beauty. 
  7.  My house is very neat and tidy. We help our parents to clean the house.
  8. I do gardening in my house garden. Gardening is my hobby. 
  9. There is a small market near my house we do shopping from this market. 
  10. We have a joint family living together. We are five cousins living and play many games every day.