10 Lines on My Family for Students in English

  1. I belong to a nuclear family. A nuclear family is a family which lives separately (without relatives).
  2. I have one father, one mother and 1 sister who is younger than me.
  3. We have our own home. It is consists of 2 storeys and also has a small lawn.
  4. My father is a Principal in School. My mother is an Officer in Health Department.
  5. I and my sister go to the same school. I study in 8th class and my sister studies in 6th class.
  6. Our parents love us very much and we also love them. We cannot live without them.
  7. Our parents help us in our studies and also in homework. They teach us good manners every day.
  8. We watch TV and play games together. We also visit park for morning and evening walk.
  9. Our relatives live far away from us. Hence they often come to our home to meet us. We eagerly wait for them. They bring gifts, fruits and many other things for us.
  10. I love my family and I’m proud of it.