10 lines on My Book in English for Students and Children

Ten points on My Book

  1. Book is a medium of recording information by writing or using images. 
  2. Books help in making knowledge and improve our language. 
  3. One must always read books which are a part of the syllabus or curriculum. 
  4.  It improves our imagination power. 
  5. Books are a good friend and guide
  6. My favourite writers are Rabinath Tagore, J. K. Rowlings, Ruskin Bond.
  7. Short stories of Rabindranath Tagore like Kabuliwala, Postman, 
  8. Harry Potter by J K Rowling is my favourite book series. 
  9. China was the first country who started paper books.
  10. The National Library is the biggest library in India in Kolkata.