10 Lines on My Best Friend in English

  1. I have a best friend his name is Raju Sharma.
  2. he is one of the smart boys in the class.
  3. He belongs to a noble family. Both her parents are doctors.
  4. He scores high marks in the maths class. All the teachers and students love and respect her.
  5. He helps me with my studies. All the other students also seek her help. He always remains ready to help others and never gets tired of it.
  6. He loves playing games and sports because, for her, physical health is also important for a person.
  7. He is very punctual and does everything as per the timetable.
  8. We always remain together. I share all my problems with her and so does she.
  9. we share our lunch box daily.
  10. Both of us take part in singing competition in school and win the prize every year.