10 lines on Jawaharlal Nehru in English

  1. Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India.
  2. He was born in Allahabad. His father’s name was Motilal Nehru and mother’s name was Swaruprani Thussu.
  3. His birthday 14 November is celebrated as Children’s day.
  4. Nehru is still known for spreading secularism, democracy, socialism in India. 
  5. Nehru gave his famous  Tryst with Destination on midnight of 14-15 August in 1947.
  6. He established IITs, IIMs, and AIMMs like world-class institutes after independence. 
  7. He is recognised as a world leader. Policy on Non-Alignment was his brainchild. 
  8. Five Year Plans were made to bring fast development in India started during his tenure. 
  9. Indra Gandhi was his daughter who became the first lady Prime Minister of India.
  10. He died on 27 May 1964 due to a heart attack.