10 Lines on ”Incredible India” in English for Students

  1. The Government of India started a marketing campaign, “Incredible India”.
  2. The “Incredible India” title was officially branded and promoted in 2002.
  3. It was launched to boost tourism in the country and project India as a credible tourist destination. 
  4. The incredible diversity exists in India with varied people, customs, and culture.
  5. The diverse topography, culture, and language perfectly suits the slogan ‘Incredible India’. 
  6. The campaign was launched by the Ministry of Tourism.
  7. It was launched to promote India as a world-class tourist destination.
  8. India is an incredible country with a rich diversity of culture, customs and cuisines.
  9. India is incredible also because of monuments, forests and heritage. 
  10. Every year foreigners visit India to see the places and its story.