10 Lines Essay on Honesty is the best policy in English

  1. There is a great proverb, ‘Honesty is the best policy’.
  2. Honesty means to develop a practice of speaking truth in every aspect of life.
  3. It means being truthful to others.
  4. It  is learned from surroundings and situations with efforts and patience.
  5. We must always remember that dishonesty, falsification and lies are short lived.
  6. Being honest makes us courageous and fearless.
  7. An honest person is always punctual, disciplined and follows rules and regulations.
  8. Honest people are sincere, trustworthy and loyal, throughout their life.
  9. It helps in developing a strong character, uplifting morals, and always doing the right thing.
  10. Before we are truthful to others we must be honest to ourselves.