10 lines on Hippopotamus in English

Important facts on Hippopotamus 

  1. A hippopotamus is found in Africa commonly known as Hippo.
  2. Hippo means Horse and potamus meaning river, “River Horse”. Hippo is an amphibian animal which can live in both earth and water.
  3. The hippopotamus has short legs, huge mouth and its body shape are called a barrel. The weight of a hippo can be 7000 pounds, 10 feet long and 5 feet high.
  4. Hippo spends a large amount of time in water bodies such as rivers, ponds, lakes etc to cool themself. They came out of the water every 3 to 5 minutes to breath and can walk up to a speed of 8km/h in water.
  5. The hippopotamus is a herbivorous animal which eats grass, leaves, plants etc.
  6. The average lifespan of the hippopotamus is around 40 years.
  7. A large population of hippopotamus live in Zambia and Tanzania. 
  8. Male hippo is called bull and female cow. A baby hippo is called a calf.
  9. A group of the hippopotamus is called  Pod, Herd, Dale or Bloat.
  10.  If hippopotamus felt threatened they became extremely aggressive.

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