10 lines on Herman Hollerith in English

  1. Herman Hollerith was the son of German immigrant Georg Hollerith, a school teacher.
  2. He was born in Buffalo, New York, in 1860.
  3. He invented the punch card tabulating machine.
  4. He is regarded as the father of modern machine data processing. 
  5. He graduated from the Columbia School of Mines in 1879.
  6. He teaches mechanical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  7. In 1884, Hollerith resigned from his post in the U.S. Patent Office and began his career as a solo inventor and entrepreneur. 
  8. He was awarded a doctorate in 1890 at the Columbia School of Mines, for his tabulating systems.
  9. In 1890, he married Lucia Beverly Talcott.
  10. He died in Washington, D.C., at age 69 due to a heart attack.