10 Lines on Harish Chandra- A Mathematician

1. Harish-Chandra was an Indian-born mathematician and physicist.

2. He is the second greatest modern mathematician, after Ramanujan, of India.

3. He was born on 11 October, 1923 in Kanpur, Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh, India. 

4. His mother was Satyagati Seth and his father was Chandrakishore.

5. He spent most of his childhood at maternal grandfather’s home in Kanpur.

6. His family always treated his education with utmost importance.

7. He did his schooling from Kanpur, high school from Allahabad then went to Bangalore and finally Cambridge for Phd.

8. He received many awards in his career.

9. His works include representation theory  especially harmonic analysis on semisimple lie groups.

10. He died on 16 October, 1983, in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.