10 lines on Global Warming in English for Students and Children

Ten points on Global Warming in English

  1. The average increase in the average temperature of the earth is called Global Warming. 
  2. Global warming led to climate change and rainfall patterns.
  3. The increase in emission of CO2 is the main reason. 
  4. Due to global warming, there is an increase in rainfall.
  5. Global warming led to an increase in surface temperature which causes wildfire, heat waves and desertification. 
  6. When temperature increases it leads to melting of glaciers and an increase in sea level.  
  7. Due to global warming the ozone layer is depleting which protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays.
  8. The main reason for global warming is the burning of petroleum, coal, deforestation. 
  9. It can lead to many diseases in tropical and temperate regions of the world. 
  10. Due to global warming, food security is affected because of climate change.