10 lines on Garden in English for Students and Children

Ten important points on Garden

  1. A garden is a planned space with plants and other forms of nature. 
  2. In India Mughal garden, Nishat Bagh, and hanging gardens are famous gardens.
  3.  Many gardens also have water fountains, lakes, channels. 
  4. There are many styles of Garden like Mughal style, Persian garden, Spanish garden etc.
  5. In the garden, there are many types of flowers and shrubs. 
  6. Children enjoy going to the park, many of them have playing facilities for them. 
  7. Edwin Lutyens had the designs of the Mughal Gardens is in 15 acres of the President palace of India. 
  8. It has spread over its has more than 150 varieties of roses, tulips, Asiatic lilies, daffodils, hyacinth which add the beauty of the garden. 
  9. Nishat bagh was built in 17 century in Sri Nagar it has famous water terrace and water fountains. 
  10. Hanging Gardens is a terrace garden in Mumbai in Malabar hills.

These ten lines give you an idea garden. Students can use the ten points in essays, speeches and paragraph on Garden.