10 Lines on Favourite Cartoon in English for Students

  1. Watching cartoons has been a major part of my childhood.
  2. However, I still watch one all-time favorite even now, and that is Shinchan.
  3. He is a mischievous five years old boy from Japan.
  4. He is very humorous and the voices he creates are even more hilarious.
  5. He didn’t spare anyone from his mischievous acts, however, his mother suffered the most.
  6. Shinchan is an extremely funny cartoon and an escape to lighten the mood.
  7. He has his five close friends and their daily day-to-day activities are the viewer’s source of entertainment.
  8. Shinchan is full of hope and enthusiasm and no matter how much scolding he gets, within minutes he is back with double the mischief.
  9. However, this cartoon also teaches us life lessons in every episode.
  10. It is a perfect cartoon to watch with family and friends.