10 Lines on Favourite Car in English for Students

  1. Cars are used for one purpose only, that is for transportation.
  2. But there are also a variety of cars used for different purposes such as off-road, on road, electric, racing, luxury, etc.
  3. But my favorite is the car that children and adults love alike, i.e. Ferrari.
  4. It is also called a “passion on wheels”.
  5. It feels exciting to spot it on the road and imagine riding it.
  6. The sleek, shiny design makes it look even more fancy.
  7. They are incredibly fast cars, the type which we see on race tracks.
  8. Ferrari is like every child’s dream car.
  9. They are very expensive but that doesn’t hold back from dreaming about it.
  10. Ferrari represents the perfect blend of speed, style and luxury.