10 Lines on Elephant

  1. Elephant is the largest animal on land.
  2. It is a mammal i.e. it gives birth to its young ones.
  3. It has large body, a tail, two tuskers, four legs and a large trunk.
  4. Elephant is a domestic animal and has been used by humans since ancient times.
  5. It is used to transport material from one place to the other. It can carry ver heavy things like woods, trunks etc.
  6. Elephant was also used in wars in old times. Moreover kings would used to go travel in their kingdoms on elephants. 
  7. It is used in circus to show extraordinary actions. 
  8. Elephant dung is also very important. It is used as manure in the fields and is very helpful for the growth of plants and crops.
  9. Elephants living in forests are very dangerous for humans. They can attack us if we go near to them.
  10. Elephant is a boon for us.