10 Lines on Education Should Be Free in English for Students

  1. Education should essentially be made free in India. 
  2. It ought to be included as a basic necessity and be prioritized. 
  3. Today, except for the limited government schools and colleges, private institutions all cost a fortune to allow a student to study.
  4. Making education free thus should be a necessity as it ensures that each and every single person in India will become empowered as an individual.
  5. It also ensures that even those impoverished have a fair chance to study and become successful individuals in life. 
  6. India should, in fact, take inspiration from countries that have already made education free.
  7. 10 countries that have made education free by 2023 are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Republic of Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, and Germany. 
  8. Finland here is especially considered to be the best and is usually preferred by many.
  9. Such schemes ensure equality among students from a young age. 
  10. If this were to be implemented in India, it would sooner rather than later become a fully developed nation.