10 Lines on Dog

  1. Dog is a domestic animal. It is the most faithful animal and loves humans more than any other animal.
  2. It has four legs, two eyes, one curved tail. 
  3. The sound of a dog is called barking. In other word, the dogs bark.
  4. A dog is an omnivorous animal i.e. it eats flesh as well as plants
  5. Dog is used by shepherds to guard their sheep, goats and other domestic animals.
  6. Many people keep dogs in their homes to safeguard the property.
  7. Rich people have a great interest in having a god in their homes. They take the dogs on morning and evening walks. They also play with them and teach them to obey their commands.
  8. Dogs are also used in military. They have a very strong sense of smell. When trained, they can detect any dangerous weapon, explosive or even drugs.
  9. The dog is very brave and courageous animal. It protects its owner without thinking of its own life.
  10. However, dog can also be very dangerous. Biting of dog can cause Rabies, a very dangerous disease.