10 Lines on Doctor

  1. A doctor holds a very important position in society.
  2. He cures all types of diseases and all types of people without any discrimination.
  3. He makes people get relief from pain and suffering.
  4. There are different types of doctors like Dentist, ENT Doctor, Child Specialists, Gynaecologists etc.
  5. There are also specialists like Bones specialists, eye specialists, cardiologists etc.
  6. Surgeons perform surgeries to cure internal diseases.
  7. Doctors have specialised instruments that they use to detect the problems in human bodies and treat them.
  8. In addition to doctors who treat humans, there are also veterinary doctors, BUMS Doctors etc.
  9. After treatment, doctors give medicines, injections for proper cure.
  10. A lot of dangerous diseases have been totally cured y doctors like Polio, Malaria, Cholera, Typhoid etc.