1. The cow is a domestic animal. It is very gentle and timid.
  2. It has four legs, one tail, two eyes, and two horns. The young one of the cow is called a calf.
  3. There are many types, colors, and breeds of a cow across the world.
  4. It is a herbivore animal and eats grass, leaves and other such food.
  5. It is a very useful animal. It gives milk which has a number of uses.
  6. The milk of a cow is used for making tea, curd, butter, ghee, sweets, and other popular dishes.
  7. All these dishes are a very important part of our economy. Thousands of people earn their livelihood out of it.
  8. In addition to the milk, the dung of cow is also very important for humans. Cow dung is used in the soils as a natural fertilizer.
  9. A bull (male cow) is used in bullock carts and even for plowing.
  10. In India, among the Hindus, the cow is considered a sacred animal. It is worshipped as Goddess by them. There are many temples in India that have the idols of cows.