10 lines on Cleanliness in English

Important points on Cleanliness are

  1. Cleanliness is a state of being clean which means free from dirt and germs.
  2. cleanliness is considered next to godliness which means maintaining cleanliness is just like devoting yourself to God.
  3. it helps us prevent many kinds of diseases.
  4. It not only prevents various diseases but also keeps us and our surroundings look beautiful.
  5. For personal cleanliness, we should take bath daily, wash our hands before and after a meal, brush our teeth twice a day.
  6. To keep our surroundings clean, we should always throw garbage in the dust bin, clean our surroundings.
  7. Maintaining cleanliness in our surroundings is as important as cleanliness in our house. 
  8. Cleanliness is important in society as it also show your social status.
  9. Water bodies are important for the living being. It is our duty to keep them clean.
  10. Gandhi Ji focuses on cleanliness he says its very important aspect of freedom struggle.

Ten lines on cleanliness in English. These points can be added in your essay, speech or presentation in schools, colleges and in any other works.