10 Lines On Cereals In English For Students

  1. Grown for their edible grains, cereals are a species of grass. 
  2. They are a common food in many cultures and a significant source of carbs and other necessary nutrients. 
  3. The following are some examples of cereals: wheat, rice, corn, barley, oats, rye, and sorghum. 
  4. Typically, cereals are ground into flour to create a range of foods, including bread, pasta, and cereal. 
  5. They are frequently used to prepare breakfast cereals.
  6. Additionally, cereals are used to feed animals. 
  7. They are also employed in the production of beer and other fermented foods. 
  8. To increase their productivity, resistance to pests and illnesses, and nutritional value, cereals are frequently genetically modified. 
  9. Because they demand a lot of water, energy, and other resources to grow, process, and transport, they also have a significant negative influence on the environment. 
  10. As they are not actual grasses but are used and prepared in food preparation similarly to cereal grains, some cereal grains, including quinoa and millet, are referred to as pseudocereals.