10 Lines On Cement Bridge In English For Students

  1. A bridge made out of cement is called a cement bridge.
  2. The main component of the bridge’s structure is cement, which is frequently combined with other elements including steel and concrete. 
  3. Long-span cement bridges are a durable choice because of their strong resistance to weathering and corrosion. 
  4. When compared to other bridge designs like steel and suspension bridges, they may be constructed quickly and at a comparatively low cost.
  5. Since cement bridges can endure severe loads and vibrations, they are appropriate for use in locations with high traffic. 
  6. In addition to being a more affordable option, cement bridges are less harmful to the environment than other kinds of bridges. 
  7. Precast concrete pieces are commonly used to create cement bridges; these pieces are then delivered to the construction site and put together. 
  8. Pouring and curing concrete, as well as adding reinforcement in the form of steel bars and prestressing tendons, are all steps in the construction of a cement bridge.
  9. Road bridges, railroad bridges, and pedestrian bridges are just a few of the many uses for cement bridges. 
  10. Because of their inexpensive cost and simplicity of construction, they are commonly used throughout the world, but they are especially used in poor nations.