10 Lines On Causes Of Deforestation In English For Students

  1. The conversion of forests into agricultural land for crops and cattle is one of the main causes of deforestation.
  2. Trees are cut down for commercial use in construction, furniture, and paper products.
  3. Development projects like highways, dams, and mines also contribute to deforestation.
  4. Climate change also plays a role in deforestation.
  5. Global warming causes changes in weather patterns which can lead to forest fires and disease outbreaks.
  6. As more land is needed for infrastructure and housing as a result of urbanisation and population growth, deforestation also increases. 
  7. Large tracts of forest are removed to make room for oil palm plantations as a result of the demand for biofuels like palm oil.
  8. In some places, particularly in Africa, the use of wood charcoal for heating and cooking can also be a substantial contributor to deforestation. 
  9. Deforestation can also be a result of weak governance and a lack of regulations.
  10. Mining destroys forests by removing huge areas of them to acquire minerals and other resources.