10 Lines On Caterpillar In English For Students

  1. Moths and butterflies lay their eggs as caterpillars. 
  2. They feature many legs, a segmented thorax, and a cylindrical body. 
  3. Caterpillars are herbivores.
  4.  They consume fruits, leaves, and some have even been observed eating flowers. 
  5. Caterpillars go through a metamorphosis process that causes them to change into their adult forms, which are moths or butterflies. 
  6. Some caterpillars have vivid colours and patterns that serve to alert predators that they are poisonous.
  7. Caterpillars play a crucial role in pollination. 
  8. They are an essential component of the food chain since they provide food for a variety of creatures, such as birds, insects, and mammals.
  9. Some caterpillars are known pests that harm plants and crops.
  10. It is known that some species of caterpillars migrate, or move from one location to another in search of food or a breeding area.