10 lines on Camel in English

  1. Camel is called Ship of Desert.
  2. It can live without water for many days. It can drink 100 lt of water at a time. 
  3. Camel long legs keep its body safe from high temperature. The feet very wide it prevents it from sinking in the sand. 
  4. Camels are found in both hot desert and cold desert. 
  5. In hump of a camel, fat is deposited in it. They are reared for milk, meat and wool.
  6. Male camels are called bull camels and female called cow camel.
  7. It has three eyelids to protect it from sandstorms.
  8. When camels move in huge numbers called caravan. They are used for trade and military purposes. It can walk 60 km in a day. 
  9. There are two important species of camels Arabian and Bactrian camel.
  10. The average age of camels is 40 – 50 years.