10 Lines On Birsa Munda In English For Students

  1. Birsa Munda was an Indian freedom fighter.
  2. He was born in 1875 in Jharkhand which was then a part of Bengal Presidency.
  3. He belonged to the Munda tribe.
  4. He led the tribals against the British.
  5. He created a new faith called “Birsait”.
  6. He did this after realising the British wanted to use education to convert tribes to Christianity.
  7. The revolt he led mainly took place in Sawargaon, Bangaon, Tamar and Khunti.
  8. He is credited with mobilising the tribals in this region to fight for independence.
  9. He died in 1900 aged 24.
  10. The airport at Ranchi is named after him.