10 Lines On Biodiversity In English For Students

  1. Biodiversity is a term that refers to all living creatures on the planet earth.
  2. From plants and animals to microbes and fungi, everything makes up earth’s biodiversity.
  3. Every creature is essential in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.
  4. Biodiversity is what maintains the delicate balance of life on earth.
  5. Due to the increased amount of pollution and deforestation in recent times, many species of plants and animals have gone extinct.
  6. This biodiversity loss destroys the balance of their natural habitats.
  7. This is harming the planet immensely.
  8. We immediately need to raise awareness about the problem of biodiversity loss.
  9. We must take steps to combat this growing problem of loss of biodiversity.
  10. It is our responsibility to protect the biodiversity of the planet, and we must never forget it.