10 Lines On Bharat Mata In English For Students

  1. The personification of India in the popular imagination is known as Bharat Mata.
  2. She is imagined as the mother goddess of the nation.
  3. She is depicted wearing a red or saffron saree.
  4. She always carries the national flag in her hand.
  5. She is sometimes shown to be standing on a lotus.
  6. Bharat Mata is often drawn with a lion accompanying her.
  7. Bharat Mata first appeared in the Bengali novel Anandamath by Bankim Chandra.
  8. She was a popular figure used during the Indian Independence Movement.
  9. She inspired millions of people to fight for the freedom of the motherland.
  10. Bharat Mata represents our motherland which is also known as Bharat.