10 Lines On Benefits Of Planting Trees In English For Students

  1. We see trees all around us, but we do not always acknowledge just how important planting trees is.
  2. Trees are the lifeblood of the planet earth.
  3. They release oxygen so that all living creatures can breathe and live.
  4. They are an invaluable part of the ecosystem, sheltering numerous animals and providing food to them.
  5. Trees also provide humans with many important resources.
  6. The timber from trees is used to create all kinds of wooden furniture and paper.
  7. A lot of medicine is also derived from trees.
  8. In addition, trees prevent soil erosion and reduce noise pollution.
  9. Unfortunately, the indiscriminate cutting of trees in recent times has gravely affected the environment.
  10. We must try our best to stop this and plant more trees instead.