10 Lines On Benefits Of Physical Exercise In English For Students

  1. Our health is of the utmost importance to us.
  2. It is essential for all human beings to stay fit so we can lead long healthy lives. 
  3. Being fit helps us keep away diseases and weaknesses and perform our best as a result. 
  4. Exercising regularly is necessary for staying fit and healthy.
  5. Physical exercise improves our body’s immune system as well, helping us ward off diseases.
  6. It makes us more agile, strong and healthy.
  7. We must engage in regular physical exercise to stay healthy and keep our body in good shape. 
  8. Playing sports and games is the best way to ensure physical fitness. Yoga and dance are also kinds of physical exercise that improve our fitness.
  9. Physical exercise also helps our mental health, since a healthy body and a healthy mind are directly linked to each other. 
  10. Therefore, it makes us happier and reduces stress as well.