10 Lines On Behaviour In English For Students

  1. Behaviour is the way in which one acts or presents themselves.
  2. It consists of a person’s unique mannerisms, ways of speech, habits and more.
  3. The way in which one behaves can tell you a lot about the kind of person they are, and help us understand their character better.
  4. Good behaviour always attracts others and makes one seem approachable and nice.
  5. It is an expression of good character and morals.
  6. Similarly, bad behaviour is repulsive to people and has no positive consequences.
  7. However, outward behaviour can also be deceptive, and we must never judge a book solely by its cover.
  8. Still, behaviour is an important factor that establishes one’s position in society.
  9. Our behaviour is a reflection of our values, morals and upbringing.
  10. We must always try to be on our best behaviour!