10 Lines On Beauty Of Nature In English For Students

  1. All the beautiful things on planet earth- plants, animals, birds, mountains and rivers- are part of nature.
  2. The gifts of nature are indeed uncountable and extremely beautiful.
  3. The beauty of nature fills our hearts with joy and peace.
  4. We are awed by the spectacular sights of nature.
  5. At the same time we are amazed by the serenity of nature’s beauty.
  6. This is also why the most popular tourist spots are the places where the beauty of nature can be enjoyed at its finest.
  7. However, in recent years, the exploitation of nature by humans has led to dire consequences.
  8. Humans have destroyed the beauty of nature because of their greed.
  9. They have turned beautiful forests to barren landscapes and serene seas to dumpsters.
  10. It is our responsibility to protect the beauty of nature, and we must never forget it.