10 Lines On Beauty Of Meghalaya For Students

  1. Meghalaya is a beautiful state in the northeast part of India.
  2. It is one of the seven states known as the Seven Sisters.
  3. Meghalaya literally means the “abode of the clouds.”
  4. The capital of Meghalaya is Shillong.
  5. Meghalaya has many mountains, hills, waterfalls and caves.
  6. This is why Meghalaya is a popular tourist destination.
  7. It is often known as the “Scotland of the East.”
  8. Meghalaya is the state which receives the highest rainfall in India.
  9. Some of the must visit places of Meghalaya are Double Decker Root Bridge, Nohkalikai Falls, Elephant Falls, Cherrapunji, Umiam Lake, and Mausinram.
  10. The beauty of the eastern Himalayas is best felt in Meghalaya with its lush green hills and valleys.