10 Lines On Bazaar In English For Students

  1. The traditional Indian marketplace is known as the bazaar.
  2. The bazaar is a bustling and lively place.
  3. It consists of vendors of many different products selling things to their customers.
  4. Bazaars have vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables straight from farms.
  5. Bazaars are usually open markets.
  6. The shops in bazaars are non-permanent and are folded up by the vendors after the day is over.
  7. We get our daily necessities from the bazaar.
  8. Bazaars sell these goods at a reasonable price, unlike big supermarkets.
  9. Haggling is allowed in bazaars and is an important aspect of the shopping experience there.
  10. Bazaars sell fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, fish, meat, and much more.