10 Lines On Bathing In English For Students

  1. The act of washing yourself with water is known as bathing.
  2. Bathing is basic hygiene that all of us should practise.
  3. It is very important to take a VA everyday.
  4. We must also use soap and shampoo during bathing to clean our bodies properly.
  5. Bathing helps us remove all the dust and bacteria that has settled onto our skin.
  6. If not washed away by bathing, dust and bacteria can cause many diseases.
  7. Bathing is especially important in hot climates where we sweat a lot.
  8. India is a tropical county where bathing every day is a necessity.
  9. People often take baths in ponds and rivers in rural areas.
  10. In urban areas, People usually bathe in their private bathrooms at home.