10 Lines On Bajra In English For Students

  1. Bajra is a crop that is widely grown in India and Africa.
  2. The English name of bajra is pearl millet.
  3. It is a very nutritious grain that is consumed worldwide.
  4. The seeds of the pearl millet plant can be eaten, and the term bajra usually refers to these seeds.
  5. The seeds can be cooked directly as grain.
  6. They are also ground to make bajra flour, which is then used to make rotis.
  7. Bajra contains many healthy nutrients that are beneficial to the human body.
  8. Bajra flour is a popular gluten-free alternative to wheat flour for people with gluten allergies.
  9. Bajra contains carbohydrates, amino acids and many minerals such as zinc and magnesium.
  10. Bajra is also very good for diabetes patients and improves heart health.