10 Lines On Baji Prabhu In English For Students

  1. Baji Prabhu was a commander in the army of Chhatrapati Shivaji.
  2. He was born in 1615.
  3. In the battle of Pavan Khind, Baji Prabhu played a crucial role.
  4. He led a troop of 600 men who broke through the siege at Panhala.
  5. He and his brother fought the Bijapuri army for 18 hours at Ghodkhind pass.
  6. Legend says that he used a weapon called “Dand Patta.”
  7. He continued to fight bravely through this legendary battle although he was heavily injured.
  8. His courage and brave actions ensured Shivagi’s safe passage to Vishalgarh.
  9. The poet Sri Aurobindo composed a poem describing Baji Prabhu’s feats in this heroic battle.
  10. Shivaji renamed the Ghodkhind pass as Pawan Khind in honour of Baji Prabhu and his soldiers.