10 Lines Essay On Bad Manners In English For Students

  1. Our manners tell people a lot about our character and upbringing.
  2. Manners dictate the way in which we behave with other people.
  3. Bad manners are manners which annoy and disturb people around us.
  4. Bad manners make people less likely to approach us
  5. Bad manners do not benefit anyone, and only affect people in a negative way.
  6. Some bad manners include talking while eating, littering in public spaces, not being respectful to people.
  7. Bad manners display a lack of regard for other people, and expose us as selfish.
  8. We must try to unlearn the bad manners that we have, and practise good manners instead.
  9. Bad manners often come from keeping bad company, so we must try to surround ourselves with good people.
  10. Bad manners can lead people to isolate us and treat us badly.