10 Lines On Auto Rickshaw In English For Students

1. A cab ride is half the price of a ride in an ancient rickshaw.
2. The auto rickshaws have neither doors or seat belts and are generally termed merely “autos”.
3. The maximum speed of an auto rickshaw is only 30 km/h.
4. The Rickshaw Run is a multi-year event that involves teams driving vehicles over various routes throughout India.
5. Auto rickshaws are primarily employed for short journeys rather than lengthy distances.
6. Auto rickshaws are more environmentally friendly than modern cars since they operate on compressed natural gas (or CNG).
7. The auto rickshaw can accommodate four passengers, including the driver.
8. Six-seater rickshaws are available across India, except in Pune, where they are prohibited.
9. Engines in newer auto rickshaws are located in the back, but engines in previous models are located beneath the driver’s seat.
10. Auto rickshaws are not permitted in the southern section of Mumbai to assist speed up traffic and reduce congestion.