10 Lines On Aurobindo Ghosh In English For Students

  1. One of the upcoming Indian-born scholars was Aurobindo Ghosh.
  2.  He was a guru, yogi, poet, and spiritualist.
  3.  He actively participated in the Indian National Movement and was committed to the liberation of India from British rule.
  4. Aurobindo Ghosh thereafter committed his life to spiritual advancement and attained the position of religious leader.
  5. Aurobindo Ghosh was born to Swarnalata Devi and Krishna Dhun Ghosh in a Bengali family in Kolkata. 
  6. Despite coming from a devoted Bengali family, he was raised in a home where his father emphasised western values. 
  7. He attended Loreto House in Darjeeling’s Medium English school for his education.
  8. In Loreto House in Darjeeling, he attended the Medium English school for his education.
  9.  He was shortly flown to England to begin his training to join the ICS. 
  10. Aurobindow was exposed to a variety of cultures and academic disciplines while in England.