10 Lines On Aurangzeb In English For Students

  1. Mu al-Din Muhammad was Aurangzeb’s full name. 
  2. He was the third child of Shah Jahan, the Fifth Emperor of the Mughal dynasty. 
  3. Mumtaz Mahal was his mother. On November 3, 1618, he was born in Dhod, Malwa, India. 
  4. He was the sixth ruler of the Mughal dynasty, and it was during his reign that the empire reached its highest points. 
  5. The name Alamgir, which translates to “conqueror of the globe,” was bestowed to Aurangzeb. 
  6. The most brutal ruler in Indian history, Aurangzeb is credited with ushering in a “golden age” of culture.
  7. The Indian subcontinent was ruled by Aurangzeb, the sixth emperor of the Mughal empire, for 49 years. 
  8. He was a highly effective administrator and a devout Sunni Muslim.
  9. He wrote the Fatawa-e-Alamgiri, establishing Islamic economics and Sharia law across the Indian subcontinent. 
  10. From 1658 to 1707, Aurangzeb was the Mughal emperor. He passed away on March 3 in Bhingar, Ahmednagar, India.