10 Lines On Augmented Reality In English For Students

  1. Using digital visual components, sound, or other sensory cues, augmented reality (AR) creates an enhanced version of the real world that is transmitted through technology. 
  2. Businesses specifically engaged in mobile computing and business applications are noticing a growing trend in this direction. 
  3. The use of augmented reality is expanding and becoming increasingly common across a diverse variety of applications. 
  4. Since the technology’s inception, marketers and technology companies have struggled to fight the idea that augmented reality is merely a promotional tool. 
  5. There is evidence, though, that consumers are starting to get real benefits from this technology and anticipate it in the purchasing decision.
  6. Early adopters in the retail industry have created AR technology intended to improve the shopping experience for customers.
  7. Apps for store catalogues now include augmented reality, enabling customers to see how various things would appear in various settings. 
  8. When purchasing furniture, for instance, customers can direct the camera to the proper room, and the item will show up in the front.
  9. The advantages of augmented reality can also be seen in the healthcare industry, where it can play a considerably larger role.
  10.  When a user holds their mobile device over a target image, augmented reality (AR) apps allow them to see extremely detailed, 3D images of various body systems. This application of augmented reality is now a potent educational tool for training medical personnel.