10 Lines On Atlantic Ocean In English For Students

  1. The Atlantic, the world’s second-largest ocean, influences our weather patterns, including hurricanes.
  2. Many species live in the Atlantic Ocean, ranging from sea turtles to dolphins.
  3. For ages, the Atlantic Ocean has been a vital trading and transport route.
  4. The Atlantic Ocean, which stretches from the Arctic Circle to Antarctica, is bounded to the west by the Americas and to the east by Europe and Africa.
  5. It covers more than 41 million square miles and is the world’s second-largest ocean after the Pacific Ocean.
  6. Scientists and geographers divide the Atlantic into two parts: north and south.
  7. The North and South Atlantic ocean currents each have separate ocean currents that influence weather around the world.
  8. The word ‘Atlantic ‘ derives from the Greek mythology meaning ‘Sea of Atlas’.
  9. As a punishment from Zeus, Atlas was forced to stand on the brink of the earth and bear the heavens on his shoulders.
  10. The temperature of the Atlantic Ocean varies according to location and ocean currents.