10 Lines On Astronaut In English For Students

  1. An astronaut is a person who has undergone specialised training to travel through space.
  2. Any crew member or member of a space shuttle mission that is travelling into space is referred to as a “astronaut” by NASA.
  3. Latin’s translation of the word “astronaut” is “Star Sailor.”
  4. Before being given the opportunity to travel to space, astronauts must undergo demanding physical and mental preparation.
  5. In orbit, astronauts are required to exercise every day.
  6. The first human sent into space was Yuri Gagarin.
  7. The first person to set foot on the moon was Neil Armstrong.
  8. The first woman to travel to space was Valentina Tereshkova.
  9. A Soviet Union-born Russian was the first human to travel into space.
  10. In English, astronauts are referred to as “astronauts,” but in Russian, they are referred to as “cosmonauts.”