10 Lines On Aster Flower In English For Students

  1. Aster, commonly known as the ‘Herb of Goddess Venus,’ is the birth flower for September newborns.
  2. Because it is regarded a talisman of great love, it was employed as one of the main elements in love potions.
  3. Aster blooms are classified into two types: New England asters (Aster Novae-angliae) and New York asters (Aster Novi-belgii).
  4. New England asters are often taller (up to six feet tall), whereas the latter is shorter (growing to three feet in height).
  5. New England asters feature large, thick flowers that bloom in late summer to early fall.
  6. New York aster, on the other hand, has thinner stems and smoother leaves.
  7. According to folklore, Aster was created from the tears of the Greek goddess Astraea.When Astraea glanced at the earth and saw no stars, she burst into tears. 
  8. As a result, wherever her tears fell, the Aster sprung forth from the dirt. 
  9. Aster leaves were burned in ancient times to ward off snakes and evil spirits. 
  10. It was widely believed that burning the leaves produced a perfume strong enough to repel poisonous serpents.