10 Lines On Asiatic Lion In English For Students

  1. The cat family includes the lion, an iconic animal.
  2. All other animals in the forest fear it because it is one of the strongest creatures there.
  3. Because they are the top predators in the rainforests, lions are known as the “King of the Jungle.”
  4. The term “mane” refers to the long hair that covers a lion’s head and neck.
  5. Lions spend the majority of the day dozing off and sleeping, and they typically go hunting at night.
  6. Because they are sociable animals, lions live in prides. A pride of lions can contain up to ten of them.
  7. Lions are aggressively protective of their territory and young from outside predators.
  8. Although lions are wild creatures, they have also been bred for use as circus performers. Some places on earth also keep them as pets.
  9. Only sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian state of Gujarat still have lions in their natural habitat.
  10. Lions are majestic creatures that represent strength and pride.